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Started in 2007, FEST EVENTS is the management of all of Tan Boon’s
pivotal events in the Music World.

This page will chronicle the music arts events, for the drum events, you can visit the Singapore Drum Fest or the Ultimate Drummers Weekend or the Drum-Off Global pages. As a builder of musicians, Boon personally curated and brought many other great instrumentalists (not just drummers) to Singapore for the first time, and more than performing they all gave wonderful and super helpful masterclasses to the musicians that understood the value and caught them . 















Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

  • Singapore Drum Fest 2007, Asia’s First-ever INTERNATIONAL MODERN DRUM SET FESTIVAL

  • Drum Challenge 2007, Drum Solo competition 

  • Thomas Lang’s First-ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2007 (highest attended Drum Clinic in SG to date)

  • Will Kennedy’s First-ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2007

  • Concert in the Park 2008, a concert that featured the talents of the AMERICAN IDOL and
    ROCKSTAR INXS house bands, and masterclasses on vocals, guitars were also organized

  • Drum Circle 2008 with Christine Stevens, Global REMO Facilitator and supported by Mr Syed Ibrahim
    who is also a REMO Global Facilitator from SG

  • Singapore Drum Fest 2008, Asia’s second INTERNATIONAL MODERN DRUM SET FESTIVAL

  • Band Challenge 2008, a band competition showcasing the diverse genres of music coming from
    extreme end of Death Metal to Funk all the way the other end of Industrial Techno Drums N Bass

  • Drum Challenge 2008, Drum Solo competition

  • First-ever Concert featuring Janek Gwizdala, Jojo Mayer, Oli Rockberger and Audun Waage at Nexus Auditorium 2009

  • National Day Parade 2009 in Singapore featuring the biggest drumming act in NDP Drumming history. Singapore Drum Fest was invited to be the drumming consultant for National Day Parade Show 2009/2010 and also YOG 2010 OCC. Singapore Drum Fest stepped up and continued to share her passion to engage and involve more youth in music, and nurture wholesome activities such as taking part National Events like National Day Parade.


Concert in the Park 2008
Snarky Puppy in Singapore first time 2014
Janek Gwizdala Concert with Jojo Mayer 2009
Mateus Asato First guitar clinic in Singapore
Multi Instrument Artists brought to Singapore by Boon
Final Moving parts SG and BKK.png
Fei-Flyer R3-03.jpg
Final Luke Holland Tour with Flags.png
First Shaun Martin keyboard masterclass in Singapore
NDP 2009
  • Singapore's National Day Parade 2009

    Boon’s opinion of the 2009 National Day Parade, P&C (Parade and Ceremonies) and Show segment was…
    “Highly unprecedented, daring and out of the box choreography, staging and execution plus great direction by CD Ivan Heng and Music Direction by Dr. Sydney Tan. Even the Parade and Ceremonies was different and unprecedented in that the march past was at the darker part of the evening. Ivan and Sydney set the bar so high in terms of creativity for NDP 2009 that up till today, it is still unmatched.”
    As a member of the show committee at National Day Parade 2009, Boon, together with Singapore Drum Fest and Fest Events International managed and promoted the extraordinary:
    a) 130 drummers from Bloco Singapura (Bloco was a collective of many Batucada groups inside) and another group The Strikeforce
    b) 3 Top drumming choreographers (all are debutant Choreographers for NDP) - Mr Riduan Zalani, Mr Dennis Sim and Mr Syed Ahmad

    c) 110 SAF Soldiers specially trained by Riduan Zalani to drum inside the special boxes
    Total 240 drummers at NDP 2009

Up till 2008, BIG group drumming at NDP presented these challenges… drumming was: 

  • lip-synced (drummers were asked to air-drum) to pre-recorded drumming or

  • muted up to 100% if possible with materials such as newspaper and cloths

  • placed far away from the audience

  • All these are to prevent any detection of out-of-synced audible beats on a big venue.

  • Coming from experiences at the last National Day Parade 2006 he was a
    part of, Boon ensured this was changed as he believed always that drumming
    must be felt and not just heard by the listener or audience.

  • Therefore in 2009, he successfully elevated the value of the 130 drummers
    from the drum groups.

  • Choreographed by Syed Ahmad, Bloco Singapura and its collective got to play
    “Live & Loud” in the welcome of our late beloved MM Mr Lee Kuan Yew and
    SM Mr Goh Chok Tong just 4 metres from their car. Zero muting.

  • Choreographed by Dennis Sim, The Strikeforce got to play “Live & Loud”
    within the audience to launch the Parade and Ceremonies. Zero Muting. In
    fact the audience was just next to the Strikeforce drummers. Every nuance and
    note was heard clearly by even a non-musical person. Showmanship was also
    a necessity when they were just less than a metre from audience all-around them.
    As you can see from the video, the audience genuinely applauded.

  • Choreographed by Riduan Zalani, The Strikeforce and members of different
    percussion groups got to play live with zero muting to a very unique and special
    presentation of Singapore from 50's through the 2000’s. Real Drumming on Industrial items
    and Real Grinder Sparks perfectly synced with the Music Choreography of Dr Sydney Tan.


  • Youth Olympic Games 2010, Fest Events managed the drum acts in this inaugural and iconic games opening and closing ceremony

  • Singapore National Day Parade 2010

  • In Summary over the 2 years, Singapore Drum Fest facilitated and coordinated 716 Drummers that came from more than 15 active drumming groups in Singapore and also taught soldiers from the SAF and students from 3 secondary schools to drum.

  • Boon produced the band WET FLOOR (a group of talented 3rd year students at LA SALLE) with Mr. Kevin Nair of Team 108 and sent them as the First Singaporean band to perform at Java Jazz Festival 2010.

  • Benny Greb’s First-Ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2010

  • Latin Percussion's First-ever clinic featuring Raul Rekow and Karl Perazzo of SANTANA 2013

  • DBS Bank’s First-ever Drum Challenge Asia 2013 and 2014, DBS commissioned Boon to organize a percussion band competition, featuring all music genres of percussion bands battling out for the top spot. Judges all handpicked by Boon include Mohamed Noor, Riduan Zalani, Namiko Sakai, Roch Ong and the late great percussionist M.S. Maniam.

  • Snarky Puppy Live in Singapore 2014, the Grammy Award winning band’s First-ever performance in Singapore

  • A Date with a Legend, a concert held in the 1600 seater hall of Resorts World Sentosa, featuring Mr Louis Soliano and Mr Benny Green, an acclaimed pianist from the USA that have performed with the late great drummer Art Blakey. This 2016 event was solely the brainchild of Tan Boon to honour the senior drum talent of Singapore, Mr Louis Soliano.

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2016 by Singapore Drum Fest, an international Drum Set festival featuring more than 10 international artist

  • Drum-Off Singapore 2016, Drum Solo competition 

  • Dennis Chambers Drum Camp 2016, a full on boot camp where Dennis shares his experience of more than 50 years in the music scene

  • Dennis Chambers Drum Clinic 2016, Dennis’ second clinic in Singapore held at the 1600 seater hall at Resorts World Sentosa

  • Mateus Asato Clinic at Hood Bar 2017, the famed guitarist’s First-ever clinic show in Singapore

  • Mateus Asato First-ever Guitar Camp 2017

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2017

  • Drum-Off Global 2017, an expanded drum solo competition with drummers across the world participating 

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2018 in conjunction with LUKE HOLLAND's First-ever 4 city ASIA tour organized by FEI

  • Drum-Off Global 2018

  • Organized Benny Greb's first Moving Parts concerts in Singapore and Bangkok, and Boon brought Benny Greb for the First time to Bangkok, Thailand in 2018.

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2019 

  • Drum-Off Global 2019 

  • Drum-Off Global 2020 with more than 50 countries participating 

  • Drum-Off Global 2021 with more than 60 countries participating

Boon with Dr. Sydney Tan
Boon with Dr Sydney Tan
Boon with EXCO NDP 2009
Boon hand Kevin Nair helps Lasalle students to be the first Singaporean band to perform at Java Jazz 2010
First time a bank (DBS)  organized a drum challenge and they hired hired Boon to run it.
First Snarky Puppy concert in Singapore 2014 organized by Boon
Louis Soliano in tears as he rises from the hydraulic stage lift planned by Boon & his team and the introduction of Benny Green, famed pianist from NYC.
Some highlights of FEI events & concerts
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