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Armed with just passion for drumming, Boon initiated and brought Singapore Drum Fest to life , the FIRST-EVER International Modern Drum Set Festival in the whole of ASIA. Singapore Drum Fest 2007 was held on 9 and 10 June featuring 9 international drummers out of 12 featured.


This iconic drum event have inspired countless Singapore and greater Asia drummers to excellence and help create their careers even till today. More than 10 pro and semi pro drummers was endorsed shortly after the 2007 festival, a whopping increase from the 3 before the festival. 


Catching the fresh wave of drumming, Music schools and Drum schools experienced abundant increase in enrolment of new drummers since then.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

  • Singapore Drum Fest 2007, Asia’s First-Ever INTERNATIONAL MODERN DRUM SET FESTIVAL

  • Drum Challenge 2007, Drum Solo competition - Winners Gilbert Nogales, Danny Morledge & Ethan Ong

  • Carl Albrecht Drum Workshop in Singapore 2007

  • Thomas Lang’s First-Ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2007 

  • Will Kennedy’s First-Ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2007

  • Singapore Drum Fest 2008, Asia’s second INTERNATIONAL MODERN DRUM SET FESTIVAL

  • Drum Challenge 2008, Drum Solo competition - Winners Patrick Ang, Er Chow Kiat, Aaron James Lee & Riduan Zalani+Sharanpal Gill








  • In 2009, Singapore Drum Fest stepped out and continued to share her passion to engage and involve more youth in music, and nurture wholesome activities such as taking part National Events like National Day Parade. Singapore Drum Fest was invited to be the drumming consultant for National Day Parade Show 2009/2010 and also YOG 2010 OCC. (Read all about NDP 2009 HERE)

  • In Summary over the 2 years, Singapore Drum Fest facilitated and coordinated 716 Drummers that came from more than 15 active drumming groups in Singapore and also taught soldiers from the SAF and students form 3 secondary schools to drum.

  • Benny Greb’s First-Ever Drum Clinic in Singapore 2010

  • Latin Percussion clinic 2013 featuring RAUL REKOW and KARL PERAZZO of Santana band

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2016 by Singapore Drum Fest, an international Drum set festival featuring
    more than 10 international artist (Read all about it HERE)

  • Drum-Off Singapore 2016, Drum Solo competition - Winners Anson Koh and Rayner Stefanoline 

  • Dennis Chambers Drum Camp 2016, a drum boot camp where Dennis shares his experience of more than
    50 years in the music scene

  • Dennis Chambers Drum Clinic 2016, Dennis’ second clinic in Singapore held at the 1600 seater hall at
    Resorts World Sentosa

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2017 by Singapore Drum Fest 

  • Aaron Spears Drum Clinic 2017, a long-awaited First-ever clinic in SG by one of the top gospel
    RnB drummers

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2018 by Singapore Drum Fest

  • Ultimate Drummers Weekend 2019 by Singapore Drum Fest

Singapore Drum Fest was also a partner for 
Dream Theater Concert 2008, Dom Famularo Drum Clinic 2008, Patti Ballinas Yamaha Drum Clinic 2008,

Mike Mangini Zildjian Clinic 2008, Marco Minnemann Zildjian Clinic 2009, Kozo Suganuma Yamaha
Drum Clinic 2009.

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Selected Videos of Singapore Drum Fest
Drumming good times!
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