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   Who is Boon? 

An experienced musician, choreographer, event producer and entrepreneur that thrives on taking the “road less travelled”. Transcending beyond drummers and artists and also into the corporate world, Boon's passion for excellence, performing arts and elevating new talents, constantly brings success and offers great value to the individuals and organisations that he engages with. 

You might or might not have experienced his work... so if you are still reading this, and want to know more, read on. 

"Believe and Love What You Do"


In the small country of Singapore where the careers of Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers and housing agents are the common preference, a music career is possibly the last consideration for any young man. Having mentioned that, some individuals in the SG music scene have managed to transcend boundaries and leave an indelible mark on the industry. However, it won't be easy to find another person like Tan Boon that has a unique and varied portfolio on just one type of musical instrument, the Drums. With his determination, passion, hard work and leadership skills, Boon has added his signature touch to projects and movements that have iconic influence in the world of drumming and music.

Early Life and Musical Genesis:

Boon grew up in a home where there were no signs that music would bring him this far 30 years on.  Experiencing musical instrument playing only at age 19 at the church he started attending when he was 17. It was within the church, that Boon’s musical journey began, as he learned from total zero and onto something that would propel him further by receiving an Australian music college scholarship at the age of 25 which would shape the musician, artist and music event visionary that Boon has been celebrated by not just drummers, but also by many other musicians worldwide. 


Career Highlights:

Fresh out of music college in Sydney, Boon started out as a facilitator to 80 arts students from 6 different disciplines at a new arts college in Singapore in the year 2000.
These came next;

  • Stage Musical production management

  • Events Manager of local and international events

  • Drum teacher to 60 students

  • Drum performance choreographer

  • Led the movement of 250 Christian drummers from a single church

  • Facilitator and choreographer of hundreds of beginner to professional drummers at Chingay and Singapore National Days

  • Built a branded Drum Crew in the corporate world

  • Organizer of the first modern Drum set festival in Asia

  • Created signature music concerts with artists that have never performed in Singapore and Asia

  • Innovator of the largest Drum Solo competition in the World

  • Opened a drum retail shop with a core unique proposition

In each of these junctures, Boon injected his unwavering passion and direction for music excellence.

Impact, Influence & Legacy:

Creativity in communication and never-before-experienced visual spectacle in a drum performance are the key offerings that Boon has provided for countless corporate, church and government bodies. Boon's presentation of The Strikeforce and Urban Drum Crew have definitely changed the way audiences perceive a percussion group drum opening at events.


Boon’s work in the journey of his career has attracted top musical talents and inspired musicians and their careers from not just Singapore, but also many from around the World.


His passion for what he believes in his international drum solo competition has sent powerful signals to garner reactions even as far as North America and Europe where modern drum kit drumming has way deeper historical roots.


The drum crew he founded has even been entered as a special new genre, springing forth much admiration and also imitation from SG and abroad.


More than just being an artist himself, he is more interested in facilitating and dedicating his attention to different kinds of artists’ needs that ignite their desire for greater success in their arts industry.


Serving the church world throughout his adult life, his consultation and works for the churches in Singapore have helped to either advance the drum sounds on stage, or have brought new energy to the praise and worship and music outreaches.


The first modern drum set festival in Asia brought with it a new love for the instrument and ignited greater fervour for knowledge and well-known brands endorsing 4 times more artists than before in Singapore immediately after the festival.


His connections and initiatives have opened many doors for local and international artists to be featured in Singapore and overseas.


The drum shop under his charge has enhanced the lifestyle of drummers in pursuit of the art form by only using its purest “physical” medium - the acoustic drum set. 



Boon - the Apostle of Drumming, carries the mandate to empower any drummer to greater success, builds musicians with their careers in mind, and creates music events and presentations that have lasting impressions on the participant or audience. 

                                          "Pave the Way for Others to Shine Brighter"


See the beautiful Journey Thus Far...

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