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Since 2017, Drum-Off Global, a brainchild of Boon's, has been Elevating Drummers Everywhere around the world.

The competition purely based on self-composed Drum Solos, has become the only bonafide

“Olympic” style and the World’s biggest contests for drummers.
Judges included the following master drummers:
Tomas Haake (SWE) - Meshuggah

Chris Coleman (USA)

Thomas Pridgen (USA)

Jared Falk (CAN) - Drumeo
Eloy Casagrande (BRA)
Lim Yong Hoon (KOR)
SDJ Malik (USA)
Senri Kawaguchi (JPN)
Luke Holland (USA)

Anika Nilles (GER)

Shawn Kok (SGP)

Carter Mclean (USA)

Juan Carlito Mendoza (USA)

Jost Nickel (GER)
Echa Soemantri (IND)

Kaz Rodriguez (UK)

Sarah Thawer (CAN)

Arthur Kam (MYS)
Stanley Randolph (USA)

Federico Paulovich (ITA)
Meytal Cohen (USA)
James Pang (SGP) - My Drum School
Irwan Shah (SGP) - Academy Of Rock
Joshua Agilan (SGP) - Drumstruck
Jeremy Yeo (SGP) - Arty-sticks

Lee Jit Seng (SGP) - Cristofori
and many more!

Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

Drum-Off Global 2017

Drum-Off Global 2018 

Drum-Off Global 2019

Drum-Off Global 2019 Awards show ‘live’ on DRUMEO

Drum-Off Global 2020 with more than 50 countries participating
Drum-Off Global 2020 Awards show ‘live’ on DRUMEO

Drum-Off Global 2021 with more than 60 countries participating


For more information, visit

Drum off global correct collage done in 2023.png

For more of the action pls click here

In random order, please enjoy some the competitors' solos.
Take a photo and video Journey!
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