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Singapore's Premier Percussion Drum Ensemble Group

Boon is the founder and director of the Urban Drum Crew. Urban Drum Crew or UDC is the “OG” for many innovative and Original drumming styles that came out of Singapore. Often imitated but never equaled, the ORIGINAL playing styles, approach & methods of the Urban Drum Crew are first & unique throughout the World since 2005. One of their top OG performance is their Water LED Drums performance which has been enjoyed by more than 100 million audience from more than 15 countries. Boon also created the world’s first LASER DrumSticks & Firehead sticks.

































Urban Drum Crew was the leading performance drum team at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games

2010 Opening and Closing ceremonies and trained 3 secondary schools for the drum performances.





Boon formed The Urban Drum Kids initiative (UDK), kids from 6-9 years old and entered them into

OKTO’s One Minute of Fame 2013. The Urban Drum Kids impressed the judges and outshined

more than 100 other entries and completed this journey as 3rd place and the only drum group that

have gotten so far in this competition.
In 2015, the Urban Drum kids went on to perform a full 20 mins percussion show totally unassisted by any adults. 



In 2017, UDC was hired by Scoot to do a breakthrough new thing! To be the first to play a

drum performance 40,000 feet in the skies!

While some people may frown over this, nevertheless, most of the passengers enjoyed it.

This is great KUDOS to Scoot for having the boldness to be different and think out of the box!

Please enjoy the video from Scoot.




In June of 2022, Boon and Urban Drum Crew was hired professionally to perform in

Vancouver CANADA for a Europe USA MNC. Boon’s work and choreography with

Urban Drum Crew was selected over American & European percussion groups and

was flown halfway around the world to deliver a great choreographed drum opening

for this client. This is an unprecedented accolade for a Singapore-based

choreographer and drum crew. 

As lead instructor, Boon has taught drumming to some of the highest corporate professionals

DBS | UOB | OCBC | Maybank | Standard Chartered | PWC | KPMG | Prudential | NTUC 
and many more!

Till date, Urban Drum Crew have already performed and impacted more than 1500

events and shows professionally at corporate events and live TV broadcast events all around the

world. Other than Singapore, UDC have been hired professionally to perform in these

countries too: Canada, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau (Macao), India, Indonesia,

Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia. As a testament to being a

professional group, any overseas trips are fully taken care of by their clients and the performers

are fully paid as well. 



Go to for more information or bookings.

First drum performance in the air 
UDK trophy.png

“UDC’s passion stirs them to constantly defy and

to define a truly unique Singaporean style for drumming

and the art form itself as opposed to adopting ethnic

and/or popular and/or mass appeal drumming cultures.”

Since 2005, UDC has changed the way audience perceives a percussion group and anchored the trend of percussion groups performing the opening item for many important events.

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