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Beginning mid 2018, 16 Beat Drums was founded and represents Boon’s passion to help the drum community in Singapore to practice better and more excellently.
By FIRST bringing in cutting edge products like the BLACK HOLE practice system where a drummer can practice and hit hard on his favourite Acoustic Drums at home, but yet retain the full tones and at a surprising 80% volume reduction, 16 Beat Drums captured the imagination of more than 200 drummers that need not compromise feel and touch anymore on their home practice on acoustic drum set.

16 Beat Drums was also the FIRST to distribute this supreme Musicians’ Throne that have changed the lives and saved the backs of all drummers and musicians in not just Singapore but for all discerning customers in South East Asia.

Obviously, 16 Beat Drums also offers a full and complete product catalog of many products to all drummers at all levels.

Here’s a look at some of the highlights:

  • 2018 May 27th was the opening day, exclusive distribution includes Black Hole, Roc n Soc, Drumdots, ddrum, WFL3 drums. 16 Beat Drums opened with an interior decoration for a drum shop that rivalled some of the finest in USA and Australia. The shop is the first in Singapore to adopt a “feel free to play” the drums and cymbals that are set up and displayed in the shop.

  • 2019 The Drum Doctor initiative was activated and 16 Beat Drums started to offer Professional Drum Tuning and Refurbishment services

  • 2019 Exclusive distribution expanded with Headhunters Sticks and Creations…literally the most creative stick company in the World

  • 2020 A full all encompassing and synchronised package of Acoustic Drums+Black Hole+Low Volume Cymbals+Yamaha EAD10 was offered by 16 Beat Drums. This supreme system allows a customer to play acoustic drums with great feel at low volumes and record full video drum covers complete with effects at the touch of a button.

  • 2021 16 Beat Drums became the official and only authorised Distributor of Evans, Istanbul Agop, Promark and Puresound 

  • 2022 Pearl Drums, the Largest Drum Manufacturer in the world became one of the principle brands at 16 Beat Drums 

    Please check out for more information!

Address of 16 Beat Drums : No. 5 Coleman Street #B1-13 Excelsior Hotel & Shopping Centre Singapore 179805 

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